5 games at only $0.20 each. With just $1 you can get all of them! 


 ONLY for owners of Robonauts, One Strike or Not Not - A Brain Buster. 

Welcome! You're here because of the News you read on Nintendo Switch.

QubicGames and Nakana.io present a special offer: 

if you bought on the American eShop Not Not - A Brain Buster, Robonauts or One Strike, you can get 5 Switch games published by Nakana.io for $0.20 each!

Search "nakana" on Nintendo eShop to see the games - the special discount may appear only after pressing "Proceed to Purchase"

But beware - the discounts end soon, on Sunday 02 May!

To see the discount, make sure to access the eShop with the same American Nintendo account you used when you purchased Robonauts, One Strike or Not Not - A Brain Buster.

"a lovely, thought-provoking game" 8.5/10 Pure Nintendo

EQQO for $0.20

"engaging puzzler with a deep narrative"

8/10 Nintendo Life

Lydia for $0,20

"one of the most emotionally impactful games"

8/10 Nintendo Life

Infini for $0,20

"an entirely new way to solve puzzles"

7.5/10 Nintendo Enthusiast

Soul Searching for $0,20

"a journey I would happily embark upon again"

7/10 Switch Player

Cosmic Top Secret - Coming soon

Cosmic Top Secret releases on May 21.

There's no special offer but you can already wishlist now if you're interested!