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All our meaningful games are in 3 Bundles launching on July 01st on Nintendo eShop!

Thanks a lot for playing unique indie experiences.

Bundle #1: Soul Searching + Infini + A Night at the Races
Main themes you'll explore: Madness, Escape, Resilience, Perceptions 


Bundle #2: Cosmic Top Secret + Mythic Ocean + Journey of the Broken Circle
Main themes you'll explore: Love, Discord, Influence, Introspection


Bundle #3: EQQO + Stilstand + Lydia
Main themes you'll explore: Hope, Despair, Connections, Monsters


All our titles have meaningful/important messages or alternative art/gameplay.

We also sell special DLCs, which profits are all donated to charities:
- fighting against the climate change through reforestation (
- supporting victims of parental alcohol/substance abuse (
Fragile Childhood)
- helping refugees (
UN Refugee Agency)

Over 10,000€ have been distributed so far. Please consider getting the DLCs too!

Contact us if you need more info, press assets, review keys, or anything else!

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