Lydia - Game

Explore the thought-provoking memories of a child with drunk and broken parents. Based on real experience, this award-winning interactive novel makes no compromise.

“This child’s tale deals skillfully with adult issues.” 8/10 The Washington Post

“It’s one of the most emotionally impactful games to grace the Switch since its launch nearly three years ago.”–8/10 Nintendo Life

The issues reflected in Lydia's story unfortunately happen in real people’s daily life. This shows in a lot of comments left by players - some of them being quoted in the video.


Nakana is trying to support some real changes with your help: all you need to do, if you own Lydia on Nintendo Switch, is to purchase the DLC called #LydiaDonation. All our net revenues from these sales will be redistributed to the non-profit organisation Fragile Childhood. And you will get some exclusive in-game content! See more details

Available on:
Steam Games Publishing
Nintendo Switch Games Publishing

EQQO - Game

Unravel the threads of a poetic and meaningful puzzle-adventure inspired by nature and Ethiopian history (read more about those inspirations).

"A lovely, relaxing experience that will keep you playing  right to the end." 8/10 Nintendo Life

The music played by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the sweet voice captioned in many languages and the "360-degree cinematic" gameplay experience will follow your immersive journey in sacred lands and monumental temple rooms.

EQQO is a game inspired by our natural connections to Earth and to each other as people.

With the players contribution, we want to grow real changes from the seeds of its message. 

When you buy the DLC #EqqoDonation on Nintendo eShop, you will plant a tree, both in-game and in real life! All our net revenues from this DLC's sales will go to WeForest, a NGO that plants trees and acts for reforestation to fight global warming. Let's make Earth cooler! See more details

Created by: Parallel Studio
Available on:
Nintendo Switch Games Publishing

Soul Searching - Game

Embark on a single or multiplayer survival adventure made of meaningful encounters with others...and yourself.

Sail away from your homeland, visit new islands, discover the stories of their people, and learn about souls.

Go where the wind blows and experiment on your own. Can you actually get lost when the journey is the destination?

Talha Kaya, the creator of Soul Searching,
sympathizes with the refugees who had to run away from war, famine or oppression.

Nakana lets you help them with the Soul-Soothing Donation DLC on Nintendo eShop. Our net revenues generated by your purchase of a DLC are donated to the UN Regufee Agency. They provide safety, health and humanitarian conditions to  millions of people.

In-game you will get a selection of soul-soothing music to listen to while playing.

See more details

Created by: Kayabros
Available on:
Steam Games Publishing
Nintendo Switch Games Publishing


Finalist at the 2020 Independent Games Festival

(one of the biggest indie shows!)

"I bashed my head on its walls and found something beautiful" -  Kotaku  

Lose yourself in Infinity...but never lose Hope. Think outside the box in a multiverse of perspective-shifting puzzles.

Challenge your mind in a psychedelic journey full of various mazes and encounters with Time, Poetry, War, Fatality, Technology and more...

Once again, we want to help the UN Refugee Agency, or rather let Infini players support them easily and get a unique level in the game!

Purchasing this DLC unlocks a special and challenging time-attack level at the end of the 4th tombstone, where Hope is trapped in War's lair.

We invite players to share their best score with #InfiniPrison. Our net revenues generated by your purchase are donated to the UN Regufee Agency.

See more details

Created by: Barnaque
Available on:
Steam Games Publishing
Nintendo Switch Games Publishing publishes video games that share an experience to remember, whether it be with impactful messages or alternative creation forms.

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