#EqqoDonation - DLC

EQQO is a poetic journey inspired by nature and Ethiopian mythology. It's a 4-5 hours tale of people, hope, love and all that connects us - available in many languages.

With the players contribution, we want to grow real changes from the seeds of EQQO's message. 

The sales of the DLC #EqqoDonation on Nintendo eShop will serve as funds to help a charity that plants trees and acts for reforestation to fight global warming. Let's make Earth cooler!

Donations to: WeForest

WeForest is an intercontinental NGO committing to restoring the world's forests. They imagine a world where communities and nations sustainably manage their forests and natural resources for the benefit of our climate, our environment and humanity. Their goal is among others to successfully restore 25,000 ha of forests by 2021.

Donations reports regularly updated here

The game EQQO and the DLC #EqqoDonation are available on Nintendo Switch. The price to purchase the DLC is 1,00 USD/EUR. Nakana only receives part of the money generated by the sales. These "net revenues" will be redistributed. It is also possible to buy the DLC in a Bundle with the game.

We plan to transfer the money up to 45 days after the end of each financial quarter. We will display payment confirmation documents to prove the donations made to WeForest.

For administrative reasons, the current recipient is WeForest's Polish partner "Fundacja dla Polski".


In-game content received with the DLC

When you purchase the DLC, you give to the game's little protagonist, Eqqo, a beautiful tree under which he can peacefully nap. You will randomly receive in the game one of the five different trees that were designed.

We encourage players to capture a screenshot of the tree created by their generous donation and share it with the hashtag #EqqoDonation.

EQQO - Game

Unravel the threads of a poetic and meaningful puzzle-adventure.

EQQO presents a multi-layered story full of symbols and metaphors about hope, love and everything that connects us.

The music played the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the sweet voice captioned in many languages and the "360-degree cinematic" gameplay experience will follow your immersive journey in sacred lands and monumental temple rooms.

Created by: Parralel Studio
Available on:
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