#LydiaDonation - DLC

Based on its creators' own experience and memories, Lydia is the interactive tale of a girl who lives with alcoholic parents. She wishes for a happy childhood but can never have it.


Other people lived or will live the same situation, as shown by the quotes in the video. But you can help!

With the players contribution, we want to use the visibility of the game to make some real changes:

The sales of the DLC #LydiaDonation on Nintendo eShop will serve as funds to help a charity.

Donations to: Fragile Childhood (A-Clinic Foundation)

A-Clinic Foundation is a Finnish NGO working in the fields of substance use and mental health in close cooperation with treatment providers. Read more

Fragile Childhood (Lasinen Lapsuus in Finnish) prevents and diminishes harms caused to children and also adults due to parental substance misuse. Read more

As part of this work they run the service Shadow World for 12-22 years old. Read more

They also sponsored the creation of powerful awareness videos viewed by millions:

Donations reports regularly updated here

The game Lydia and the DLC #LydiaDonation are available on Nintendo Switch. The price to purchase the DLC is 1,00 USD/EUR. Nakana only receives part of the money generated by the sales. These "net revenues" will be redistributed. It is also possible to buy the DLC in a Bundle with the game.

We usually transfer the money up to 45 days after the end of each financial quarter or after two financial quarters bundled.



In-game content received with the DLC

When you purchase the DLC, you offer to Lydia a coloring book of monsters that she can paint with happy vibrant colors - as a metaphor to making monsters less scary, both in-game and real life.

We encourage players to capture a screenshot of the drawings created by their generous donation and share it with the hashtag #LydiaDonation.

Lydia - Game

Lydia is a narrative game with a strong and dark climate set by emotional graphics, music and dialogues. 

Grow up with Lydia and try to understand the feelings, behaviors and events that molded critical moments of her life. Confront the monster with your own sensitivity.

Our aim is to share the experience with as much people as possible, that’s why it is available in many popular languages.

Available on:
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