Get our new game Infini FOR FREE on Nintendo Switch 
if you already own Lydia, EQQO or Soul Searching.

Just head to the eShop, see Infini in the New games section and go to "Purchase". That's it, the -100% discount should be applied! Enjoy!!!



- The offer ends on 04 July 23:59:59 PT (American eShop) / CET (European/Oceanian eShop)

- It will only appear in the same regional eShop (Americas, Europe or Oceania) as you purchased one of our other games from. 

- It works for anyone who already got Lydia, EQQO or Soul Searching before, as well as for anyone who would buy at least one of those games during this 2-days offer period.

Lose yourself in Infinity but never lose Hope....


A story-driven surreal journey full of mind-bending mechanics awaits you.

Can you escape Infinity?

"I bashed my head on its walls and found something beautiful" - Kotaku

Have fun and share your favorite moments with us on Twitter and Discord!! THANKS!! publishes video games that share an experience to remember, whether it be with impactful messages or alternative creation forms.

We embrace the vision of passionate developers and help them reach more players via customized and multi-platform porting, publishing and communication services.

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