Cross-promotion Media Partnership

This page is for content creators, 

Are you interested in our games? Let’s support each other! Create an original and cool video about any of our games and we will advertise your channel. In a nutshell, here is what we propose...


What we would do:


  • Your profile listed in a #partners channel on Nakana’s Discord and on the website of Nakana

  • One link to your video in the relevant #game channel on Nakana's Discord

  • A tweet on Nakana's and the game developer's feeds about your creation or channel


What you would do:

  • At least one original and cool video about one of our games

...but we are flexible and happy to consider more or different actions and long-term partnerships.

Please contact us via Discord, Twitter or email to introduce yourself and discuss the details of a potential cooperation. publishes video games that share an experience to remember, whether it be with impactful messages or alternative creation forms.

We embrace the vision of passionate developers and help them reach more players via customized and multi-platform porting, publishing and communication services.

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